So, Which Package Should You Choose?

Take any of our WordPress Maintenance and support plans on a 30 day trial. If we don't blow your socks off with our professional care for your WordPress site, well give you your money back. It's that simple.

That depends on the complexity of your needs.

Every WordPress maintenance and support plan includes money-back and page load speed guarantee. And there is no lock period or contract.

We offer three packages - Basic, Advanced, Pro

You can also get a Custom WordPress Website Maintenance service package
as per your requirement. Get in touch with us and we’ll provide the precise duration and description of what will be achieved.

Fixed Price Model

This model is based on a fixed calculation of work and pricing. On the basis of your requirements, we work to achieve your specified goals. This model works best for small projects.

  • Fixed Pricing
  • Well-defined project requirements and deadlines
  • Anticipation of development
  • Complete management of the project by Digital Techworks

Time and Material Model

This model involves continuous development, supple procedures, and ongoing payment. It is suitable for complex projects where the specification and scope of the project are not determined and involves constant changes. As our client, you will have the option to have control over the development process and make changes like altering the team size or resources.

  • Flexible project requirements and deadlines
  • Transparent approach
  • Hourly or monthly rates
  • Client control over the deliverables

Dedicated Development Team Model

This model allows you to hire a team of full-time, dedicated, and expert developers. They work as an extension of your in-house team in-line with your business objectives. You have full control over the team. This is best for long-term strategic partnerships.

  • Developers exclusively work for you
  • Full control and flexibility
  • Option to select and manage the team
  • Anticipated budget and pricing